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Boating in the Isles of Scilly

We are an Association of 10 independently owned boats, operating together from St. Mary's to provide a comprehensive boating service within and around the Isles of Scilly.

Association trips are designed to provide an unrivalled service to all the main off islands together with a selection of circular trips to view seals, seabirds etc. 

In addition to our scheduled services we can provide special trips for groups.

Please use the menus above to access details of our services. If you are not familiar with the islands, click the 'more info' button below to find out a little more about how we operate. 

Latest Boat Times

Direct Trips, Wildlife & Sightseeing Trips, Evening Trips,

Group Bookings, Fishing Trips, Pelagic Trips

Winter Services

Our Boats & Skippers

The Boatmen's Association was formed in 1958 and in over 40 years of operation has established a reputation of which we are proud. Today all the large passenger boats from St. Mary's belong to the Association so that we can work together to provide visitors with the best possible service and a happy and friendly boating environment. The Association boats are individually owned and operated by their skippers. The boats are rigorously inspected annually by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Our Boats & Skippers

Seahorse: Ryan Sloane

The Seahorse is the only local built boat presently in the Association, commissioned by Stephen Hicks himself and built on St. Mary's. 

Kingfisher: Paul Smith

The Kingfisher of St. Mary's is a GRP K50, built in 1995 by Kingfisher Boats in Falmouth.

Sapphire: Joe Pender
The Sapphire is a Kingfisher K50 passenger boat, which was built in 2000 in Falmouth by Kingfisher Boats. 
Meridian: Paul Osborne
The Meridian built in 2003 is a Kingfisher K50 glassfibre passenger launch that can carry up to 100 people. 
Osprey: Andy Howells
The Osprey is a Kingfisher K50 passenger boat with capacity for 90 people. This boat was commissioned in 2003 from Kingfisher Boats in Falmouth, Cornwall.
Sea King: Fraser Hicks
The Sea King was built in 1947, by Mashfords. This Plymouth built launch is pitch pine on oak frames of 'Carval' construction.  

Britannia: Dave Badcock

The Britannia was built in 1944 in Scotland by 'Admiralty. The boat is of double diagonal construction and has been part of St. Mary's Boatmen's Association since 1967.

Golden Spray: 
Mark Bromham
The Golden Spray is an open passenger launch, built in Margate in 1947. This boat is Mahogany on Oak.
Surprise: Martin Jenkins
The Surprise is a 72 year old open passenger boat, built by the Admiralty in Christchurch, Hants.
Guiding Star: Joe Badcock

The Guiding Star is the oldest launch currently in operation within St. Mary's Boatmen's Association. Built in 1933 by Percie Michell in Portloe near Mevagissy, Cornwall. 
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